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The Maize Trust was founded in August 1998, after the closure of the Maize Board, to promote the South African maize industry. The Trust serves the industry through financial support for institutions and organisations with programmes aimed at market and production related research. The secondary objective of the Trust is to fund the assimilation and dissemination of market information and to broaden market access for the benefit of the maize industry. The mission of the Maize Trust is to facilitate the continuous improvement of the entire maize industry in South Africa, to ensure that the industry becomes the leader in the region and that it is internationally competitive. The Trust comprises of six Trustees and are appointed for a term of two years. Three of these Trustees are appointed by specific maize industry sectors, while the other three Trustees are selected by the Minister for Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development. Since its establishment, the Maize Trust has granted a large amount of money to a variety of organisations and institutions involved in research, development and information programmes in the South African maize industry. The Maize Trust currently funds most of its transformation projects through the Maize Trust Bursary Scheme, Farmer Development Programme of Grain SA and by means of the Grain Farmer Development Association (GFADA).