SACTA NPC Bursary Application


The SACTA NPC Bursary

Reg no. IT8214/98

Postgraduate Bursary Application

Applications are to be submitted annually.

Certified SA ID/Passport [Not older than three (3) months]
Address Details
Banking Details
Colour ID Photo (JPG, JPEG or PNG)
Proof of registration and fee statement for Year 1
Updated Curriculum Vitae
The latest academic transcript/record on an official University / College / Technikon letterhead

Supervisor Details

Supporting Gantt Chart

I undertake:

  1. That I understand and will comply with all the requirements and conditions contained herein.
  2. To notify L&L Agricultural Services immediately should:
    1. I fail, cancel or abandon my studies.
    2. I need to rectify any information that has been submitted within this application form.
  3. That the information is supplied voluntarily, without undue influence from any party and not under any duress.
  4. To familiarise myself with and adhere to all the rules and general regulations applicable to the bursary for which I intend to apply.
  5. That I will not hold the Trust and its affiliates liable, nor make any claim against the Trust and its affiliates for any compensation and/or any expenses incurred or damages suffered as a result of or in respect of any injury to me or illness or my death, irrespective of whether any such damages, injury or death may have been attributable to any degree of negligence on the part of the Trust or one or more of its affiliates or other person(s) for whose actions it might, but for this undertaking, have been responsible.
  6. That I am aware that the bursary is only valid if it complies with the applicable prescripts and regulations governing the bursary concerned.
  7. That I accept that, if I abandon, cancel or change my qualification or my studies at the University at any time, no cancellation or reduction of fees will be considered and that I will remain liable for the payment of all fees payable to the Trust in full.
  8. That I accept the responsibility for the payment of fees (tuition, residence and any other applicable fees).
  9. That I hereby give permission that information about my academic progress be divulged to the Trust and person liable for the payment of fees.
  10. That I consent to my study being used on industry websites.
  11. That I agree, understand, consent and irrevocably authorise L&L Agricultural Services to keep, use, process and verify information in paper and electronic format, including information supplied by me during the bursary application process.
  12. To inform L&L Agricultural Services of any disciplinary and criminal proceedings (finalised or pending) against me prior to applying for the bursary.
  13. That I have not secured funding from alternate sources and understand that the Masters or Doctoral bursary awarded to me by the Trust can be cancelled at the discretion of the Trust.

Please take note that L&L Agricultural Services will not consider incomplete applications. Before submitting your application, please check that you have done everything that is applicable, as shown in the list below. However, due to the variations in registration periods, please submit the application form although you may have not yet obtained proof of registration and a fee structure. You may forward these documents once you have registered.

We suggest you tick the box next to each point when you have completed it.